Roof Replacement


Roof Replacement Perth

Perth government, commercial and educational facilities need a roof replacement when the existing roof can no longer be repaired. 

The roof is the most essential and costly part of a building, so of course it needs to to be the most secure.

Whether you have a Colourbond roof, tile roof or even asbestos roof, Dale Group Australia has you covered.

Dale Group Australia provides a quality roof replacement service for all of Perth and the surrounding suburbs.

Dale Group Australia will ensure your newly replaced roof not only looks fantastic but will ensure that over the long term, your property will be secure from storms and high wind.

Roof replacement Perth: How we work

  • Dale Group Australia’s fully trade qualified roofers will attend to your property to meet you and discuss the concerns you have with your roof. Within this visit, our objective will be to thoroughly investigate the issues you have, identify the causes and provide a detailed and appropriate solution to your individual requirements. Dale Group Australia will offer all options available. We like to make roof replacements the last resort.
  • If you wish to proceed, whether it’s for minor/major repairs or roof replacement, a safety rail system is installed to ensure that our men will be safely operating on the Roof and ensure that all WHS laws and legislations are adhered to regimentally.
  • Once work begins, Dale Group Australia’s first step is to safely remove the existing roof whether it is asbestos, tin or tile. All procedures implemented by our staff are proven and tested methods of safety, efficiently removing your roof.
  • If required, Dale Group Australia will replace any damaged battens. We also re-screw all battens that we have not replaced, ensuring they are tied down to your trusses properly to ensure your roof will last the distance. Be assured that we will keep you updated as to what is required.
  • We then install your new roof, insulation and guttering. For larger buildings, generally we do not remove the entire roof of the property. We will replace the roof of your building in stages ensuring that at the end of each day you have your entire roof covered to make sure you do not get internal damage in the event it rains or storms overnight. Our last resort is a tarp.
  • Once all works are completed, a thorough site clean is conducted. All nails, screws and leftover materials are removed from site and the safety rail/edge protection is generally removed within a few days of the job being completed.
  • After cleaning up, one of our production supervisors personally inspects the job to quality control the project and again ensure that you have received the best possible roof for your investment.