How To Get The Full Value From Your Solar Panels!

Solar Panels Value

Are You Thinking About Installing Solar?


Have you ensured you are going to receive the best experience from the solar panels?

Organise a Professional roof inspection before installing Solar panels to ensure you receive full value and proper performance minus the stress and pain of a leaking roof.


Businesses are always looking at ways to save money on bills such as electricity and water. With the progression and improvement of technology, there are many options available to help accomplish this. Many businesses have taken steps to reduce their energy bills value through installing solar panels on their roof.

Installing solar panels onto your business has major value, long lasting benefits including energy consumption, cost and reduced environmental impacts.

Prior to getting any solar panels installed on your roof, you should have the area of installation professionally inspected, too often we see brand new solar panels installed onto a roof in bad condition. Dale Group Recommends organising this early in the process so there can be a collaboration with the solar installer to have the most value and trouble-free outcome. A simple roof inspection to identify any potential problem areas can help you focus on and address the issues that may cause leaking over the lifespan of the solar panels.

The company that installs your solar panels are largely focused on the panels and will not always recommend or start the installation process with a professional roof inspection, they also may not have the knowledge of how to inspect your roof professionally, efficiently and effectively.

To receive the best results, it is highly advisable to organise a separate professional roofing company to inspect the roof for any potential issues. The experienced staff at Dale Group will be able to advise you of any impending issues that must be fixed before the installation begins. We will also be able to provide a proposal to amend these issues in the most cost effective and beneficial way.

Installing solar panels onto a roof that is not waterproof or that is in bad shape will result in expensive repairs in the near future. Solar panels make it difficult to access any leaks once they are installed and create a much costlier job repairing any leaks.

You also may be unaware that your roof needs to be repaired until after the panels have been installed. Just because your roof did not leak prior to the installation, it may not be able to withstand the extra movement and weight during the installation.


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